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Streettree Flora Database

Welcome to Streettree Flora Database

Introduction of Streettree Flora Database

Street tree is one of main elements on the road in urban ecosystem, requiring high tolerance against automobile exhausts. Under these trees, various weeds have been survived. From the previous study, there is no reasonable differences in flora of street trees in USA, Central and Western Europe, indicating homogenization phenomena in the flora under street trees. However, there is no investigation in Asia area, of which climate is different from those of Europe and USA.

As a first step to understand the flora of street trees in Asian area, we investigated the flora under street trees in Seoul and Jeju island. In addition, the web-based system named as Streettree Flora Database; provides the platform to collect precise data of flora under the street tree via collecting pictures and GPS coordination using cell phones. This system was developed with the aid of Biodiversity Observation Database ( to get better performance for collecting data as well as analyzing the collected data. Our investigation with the Street tree Flora Database will be fundamental resources to understand flora under street trees in the world.

Simple statistics of streettree database

# of fieldtrips


# of sites


# of individuals


# of pictures


# of species



gto87kr (Jihun Yeon) : 4937
kjh2946 (Juhyeon Kim) : 2853
kimhj (Haejung Kim) : 2683
myarn (Yongsung Kim) : 2034
starflr (Jongsun Park) : 1156
jasonshon (손장혁) : 21
lovewonhe (Wonhee Lee) : 20
twinstar (Hong Xi) : 3